Tarangire National park

Elephant and Boabab tree paradise.

The Tarangire National Park offers a wonderful spectacle of a mixed habitat environment accommodating savannah woodlands, wetlands and seasonal flood plains. It is the meeting point for the mightiest components of the African wilderness, where the savannah is dotted with monumental baobabs and where the most magnificent herds of Savannah/bush elephants to be found in Northern Tanzania are roaming. Tarangire’s mixed habitat environment, enables it host a variety of wildlife species and boasts an exceptional birdlife species diversity making it one of the most astonishing strongholds for wildlife on the African continent.

Life is spectacular when the migratory herds of Gnu and zebras come back to the permanent waters of the Tarangire river when the dry season knocks in from July to October.  Tarangire National park covers 2800 sq km which would actually demand more time from any visitor in order to enjoy it.

Tarangire National park is unique in that:

– all the mammals of the East African plains can be observed here.

– The enormous herds of elephants seen almost everywhere in the park.

– Some species of large mammals like the Beisa oryx, lesser kudu and gerenuk seen here, are rare or absent in most of the other parks

– Spectacular scenic views of undulating savannah landscape, giant baobabs, river valleys and viewpoints.

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