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Supporting our Porters

Porters serve a vital role in your trip to Tanzania. These men and women work hard to ensure an easy, comfortable and enjoyable experience for you. Unfortunately, throughout history porters have not always received the compensation, safe working environment and gratitude that is beyond deserved. Boko Explorers is dedicated to working with the Mount Kilimanjaro Porters to help correct this wrong.


Off the Mountain

The Boko Explorers Company aims to improve porters’ lives both on and off the mountain. The company assists porters with financial management. After a trek has been completed, the tips are counted, divided equally amongst all porters, and then placed into their personal bank accounts that the company helped them open. This ensures a secure method of storing their finances and allows direct, safe access to their salary. The Boko Explorers Company also assists porters with financing English classes if they wish. English classes open up many opportunities for our porters. Through these classes, many porters can advance their careers by becoming chefs, assistant guides, and eventually head guides. Beyond financial guidance, the company also educates porters on how to live a healthy, safe lifestyle through personal health education courses. These courses provide education on how to protect themselves from diseases such as malaria and HIV/AIDS.

On the Mountain

Health and safety are of utmost importance for the porters. As porters are key to your climbing success and are in charge of carrying the bulk of the weight up the mountain, it is imperative that they are well looked after. We require that all your baggage be at or below 30 lbs. This is for the safety of our porters, so that they do not overexert themselves on top of their already physically demanding job. In addition, our porters sleep in the same tents as you, and are provided the same nutritious meals alongside you. Sleep and sufficient food areessential while spending days on end on the mountain. When porters are climbing, the we ensure that the porters are going up the mountain in proper gear. This means warm clothes, climbing shoes, hats, sleeping bags etc. While on the job, the company secures the safety of porters each and every day as they make another journey up the beautiful Mount Kilimanjaro.

Our porters have a passion in working in tourism, and Boko Explorers helps them thrive safely both within their careers in tourism and their lives outside of work.

Tanzania remains to be one of the most impoverished countries in the world. Roughly 50% of the population lives below the poverty line. In addition, education enrolment rates tend to drop to merely 30% by the time kids reach secondary education. We’re here to change this.

Our Charity Efforts

Boko Explorers works directly with YCCS Organization and its affiliates. 15% of every purchase is donated directly into the Organization. Through this program, funding goes to help support the in-need student, street Chidden and Empower Youth though Education.


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