Boko explorers is based in Moshi, a town situated right on the foot of the highest peak in Africa; The Kilimanjaro. Boko explorers is built by local friends who have been in the hospitality industry since 2003 as Mountain and Safari guides in Tanzania. They combined their experiences, teamwork spirit and their commitment to Tanzania and came up with BOKO explorers. Together, we decided to offer Tanzania safari and trekking experiences paired with conservation efforts that brings a positive change to the region and its people. We are always ready to share our long time earned experiences to make a genuine and remarkable safari experience you’ll never forget.

We give an authentic Tanzania safari experience that leaves memories on East Africa’s crucial wildlife areas.  Enjoy a variety of our unique safari options that includes the Greatest animal migration on the planet, The Serengeti, the world’s eighth wonder (The Ngorongoro crater) or one of our many other adventurous experiences.  

Consultations on safaris, trekking and authentic local cultural activities are warmly welcome. We only need your time, interests and budget to help you plan a trip that suits you.

We believe that tourism should be used for a positive impact and if its responsibly practiced will bear fruits in both the conservation and the country’s development.

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