Lemosho 8 Days Package

Lemosho 8 Days Package Itenary

Being a newer and arguably more picturesque route, the Western Breach Route is slightly longer and relatively more expensive. It commences on the western side of the mountain at the Londorossi Gate, requiring a more extended drive from town, and was introduced as an alternative to the Shira route. Traversing through stunning forests and moorlands, it proceeds to cross the Shira Plateau on day 3, joining the Machame Route at Lava Tower. The descent towards Barranco Valley occurs via the Southern Circuit, offering the opportunity to spot buffalo, elephants, and other wildlife. Due to the extended duration allowed for acclimatization, this route boasts a higher success rate for summiting.

Day 1: Londorossi Gate to Forest Camp
Elevation (ft): From 7,800ft to 9,500ft
Distance: 6 km
Hiking Time: 3-4 hours
Habitat: Rain Forest

Embark on a journey from Moshi to Londorossi Gate, approximately a 4-hour drive. Complete entry formalities and proceed to the Lemosho trailhead, an additional hour’s drive. Upon reaching the trailhead, enjoy lunch before venturing through undisturbed forest to the first campsite.

Day 2: Forest Camp to Shira Camp 1
Elevation (ft): From 9,500ft to 11,500ft
Distance: 8 km
Hiking Time: 5-6 hours
Habitat: Moorland

Continue the trail out of the forest, entering a savannah of tall grasses, heather, and volcanic rock adorned with lichen beards. Ascend through lush rolling hills, cross streams, and reach Shira Ridge before gently descending to Shira 1 camp, offering amazing views of Kibo across the plateau.

Day 3: Shira Camp 1 to Shira 2 to Moir Hut
Elevation (ft): From 11,500ft to 13,800 ft
Distance: 14 km
Hiking Time: 5-7 hours
Habitat: Moorland

Explore the Shira plateau for a full day, walking east toward Kibo’s glaciered peak. Cross the plateau to Shira 2 camp on moorland meadows by a stream. Continue to Moir Hut, located on the base of Lent Hills, providing diverse walks for excellent acclimatization opportunities.

Day 4: Moir Hut to Lava Tower to Barranco Camp
Elevation (ft): From 13,800ft to 13,000ft
Distance: 7 km
Hiking Time: 4-6 hours
Habitat: Semi-Desert

Continue from Shira Plateau to the east, passing a ridge and the junction towards the peak of Kibo. Change direction to the southeast towards Lava Tower, the “Shark’s Tooth.” Descend to Barranco Hut at 13,000ft, vital for acclimatization in preparation for summit day.

Day 5: Barranco Camp to Karanga Camp
Elevation (ft): From 13,000ft to 13,100ft
Distance: 5 km
Hiking Time: 4-5 hours
Habitat: Alpine Desert

After breakfast, navigate a steep ridge, passing the Barranco Wall to the Karanga Valley campsite—a short day designed for acclimatization.

Day 6: Karanga Camp to Barafu Camp
Elevation (ft): From 13,100ft to 15,300ft
Distance: 4 km
Hiking Time: 4-5 hours
Habitat: Alpine Desert

Following breakfast, head to the junction connecting with the Mweka Trail. Ascend to Barafu Hut, completing the South Circuit with diverse views of Mawenzi and Kibo peaks. Set up camp, rest, enjoy dinner, and prepare for summit day.

Day 7: Barafu Camp to Summit to Mweka Hut
Elevation (ft): From 15,300ft to 19,345ft (and down to 10,000ft)
Distance: 5 km ascent / 12 km descent
Hiking Time: 7-8 hours ascent / 4-6 hours descent
Habitat: Arctic

Begin the ascent to the summit between the Rebmann and Ratzel glaciers. Navigate northwesterly, reaching Stella Point on the crater rim. Witness a spectacular sunrise from Stella Point (18,600 ft). Continue to Uhuru Peak, the highest point on Mount Kilimanjaro. Descend to Mweka Hut for lunch and rest.

Day 8: Mweka Camp to Moshi
Elevation (ft): From 10,000ft to 5,400ft
Distance: 10 km
Hiking Time: 3-4 hours
Habitat: Rain Forest

After breakfast, descend to the Mweka Park Gate to receive summit certificates. Gaiters and trekking poles are recommended for wet and muddy lower elevations. Continue to Mweka Village, where a vehicle awaits to drive you back to your hotel in Moshi.


Prices (quoted in USD/per person)
Group SizePrice
1 Person
2-4 People
$ 2,040/person
5-9 people
$ 1,950/person
10 & above
$ 1,900/person

Included Services

  • Professional, English-speaking Wilderness First Responder & CPR certified Guide
  • Adequate Ration for Mountain Crew (Cook & Porters)
  • Pre and Post Accommodations (2 nights Bed and Breakfast)
  • Airport Transfers for seamless travel
  • Meals aligned with the itinerary for a satisfying culinary experience
  • Provision of Drinking Water and Full Board Meals for nourishment
  • Inclusive of all National Park & Hut Fees, Crew Permits, and VAT
  • Fair and Sustainable Salary for the dedicated Crew Wages
  • Gate Transfers for convenient transitions
  • Complimentary Oxygen Cylinder for added safety
  • Portable Private Toilet accompanied by a designated Porter
  • Quality Imported Equipments ensuring reliability throughout the trek

Excluded Services

  • Air Travel
  • Visa Expenses
  • Travel or Medical Insurance is mandatory; kindly seek recommendations
  • Gamow Bag
  • Medication
  • Gratuities for porters and mountain crew (20% industry standard recommended)
  • Personal funds for souvenirs and miscellaneous expenses
  • Energy food & beverages, including alcoholic and soft drinks
  • Personal rental gear such as trekking poles, sleeping bags, etc.
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