10 Days Tanzania Closer to Nature Safari  

Do you dream of being up close and personal with nature, truly feeling it with every sense in your being? Smelling the dusty red earth and hot, dry rocks or the lush long grasses after rain; feeling the wind in your hair and the sun on your face; hearing the soft murmurs and whispers of animals going about their daily business; exploring the habitats of smaller animals that you may miss from a vehicle; deeply exploring the national parks and conservation areas of Tanzania on foot? If so, this safari is for you! Close to our hearts and closer to nature, taking you on a journey through the greatest parks of Northern Tanzania from different perspectives

Traveling with Boko Explorers

Safari is no ordinary vacation. It’s so much more. It’s a thrilling immersive adventure of this nature with myriad possibilities. They say once you have stepped on African soil, you are bound to return – again, and again. Join us on one of our incredible journeys, take away memories of a lifetime and give back to Africa.

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